SUPER A-Rig!!!

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Bass ain’t  seen nothing’ like it, and neither have you!



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Here is our next generation Arizona Rig with some significant changes to produce a setup with lots of added thump and flash from a clear polycarbonate four-wing spinning blade impregnated with silver sparkles.. 


Most A-rigs and umbrella type rigs on the market rely on the clustered baits and teasers to present a visual impression of schooled bait fish as the primary attraction..  And while that works very well,, they run silent..  The SUPER-TURBO A-RIG adds the benefit of sound waves generated by water displacement the churning spinner blade puts out to call attention far and wide..  When we say Bass haven’t seen anything like this, we aren’t kidding..  They haven’t HEARD anything like this either !! 


Its another exclusive only available here at Wild Hare Baits..


To create the Super-Turbo rig we have cut the weight way down when compared to our standard Arizona Rig..  Total weight with lead head, wires and snap-swivels is just a whisker over ½ oz..  To do this, we use a finer, super flexible stainless steel #13 wire gauge of just .031 diameter..  But nothing is sacrificed in terms of durability as the wire is rated at 190-lb test..  Moreover, the construction features an ingenious thru-wire configuration with ALL FIVE wires connected to the nose tie !   Another Wild Hare exclusive !!


The five connection points feature 90-lb test snap-swivels to accommodate your favorite swim-baits and teasers..  Please remember that Arizona only allows TWO hooks and Utah allows THREE,, while many other states allow five..   To dress out the rig, we recommend “Swim Senkos” or the new “D-Shad” by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits rigged on ¼-oz jig heads..  Cut off hooks to maintain regulation compliance as needed..  Consult your State’s fishing regulations for the number of hooks allowed.. 


The SUPER-TURBO A-RIG comes packaged in a clear plastic pinch-box for easy, space-saving storage as shown..


Another tough deal to beat,, we offer these at just $9.95 each..